Kids, Lymph and Poop

As I prepared for and gave lymphatic decongestive treatments at the Healthy Kids Health Fair yesterday at the Santa Fe Convention Center, I reflected on my passionate message to kids and parents.  Most of my clients and I have been able to trace the origin of their painful, uncomfortable condition or even life-threatening illness to something that happened to them in childhood...  from a blow to the body or an exposure to toxins or illness… or even an emotional trauma.  If those had been addressed at the time, they way we are now, the major illness would likely have been avoided.  The wonderful lymphatic and energy body tools I use now weren’t around when we were children, but they are delightfully here now, and could help so many of today’s kids avoid health issues now and in the future.

One teenage girl yesterday complained of pain on either side of her belly.  During the treatment she noticed the pain moving and going away.  It appears she has mucoid plaque buildup in her colon that is already giving her problems.   She and her mom and I talked about all the things she could do now to first get out of pain, stay out of pain… but also to avoid long-term illnesses.  Things like chewing her food more thoroughly, drinking water, avoided white flour (think “kindergarten paste”), and eating more greens.

Over the past year or so, I’ve worked with a young woman who turned 21 during this year. When she first came to me, she said she felt like she had the body of an old woman.   She also said, “I can’t imagine living to age 50.”  To look at this young, beautiful, lithe woman, you might wonder how she could feel and say that.  Yet, when I started working with her, I could feel how incredibly congested her lymphatic system was… and how right she was…. she had symptoms worse than some older woman with whom I work.  After coming for treatments once a week for many months, she is now a “graduate”…. not only of college, but also of our work.  She is now feeling comfortable and no longer comes for treatments.

What Kids Know:  Young boys have it right:  they are fascinated with poop, and other body functions.  They know there’s something good about pooping.  And kids wiggle…and show me where to work with the wands.  Their bodies know.  I’ve worked with kids as little as 7 months old.    Most of the kids yesterday said the wands tickled when we turned them on.  The feeling of their lymph flowing feels good.

I’d love the parents and kids in my life now to know… so they can ensure their children’s long-term health…. that colon health is key to long-term health of themselves and their children.  The colon is the bottom of the lymphatic watershed… and if you don’t get the lymphatic wastes all the way out of the body… they congest and solidify… making it harder and harder to get them out later.  So lymphatic decongestion now takes much less time and has far-reaching health and cost benefits.

To be continued…