About Margo

I can still remember exactly where I was standing on the playground in that partial semester of third grade at UCLA’s elementary school… when I decided I wanted to be an eccentric old lady when I grew up.

When I remembered that in my 30’s  after moving to Santa Fe, and mentioned it to my Dad, he laughed and said, “You’re well on your way!”

And no wonder… given that the breakthrough tools, and transformational technologies and approaches I use now didn’t exist in my 3rd grade world.  My specialties are eclectic by today’s standards… and even eccentric by earlier standards!

I am energized by individuals, diverse groups and complex communities who are eager to explore mutually-beneficial, creative – healthier – change… Those who can even embrace the vulnerability of exploration and creativity – to see what they might find that can be exponentially better.

“Change is Good!    ….  OK… YOU go first!”

Because I  personify  change, I have found processes and tools that have given me ways to thrive and be healthy amidst changes of my own and my many, varied kinds of clients.   I lived in 16 homes by the time I was 16 years old and went off to college (and moved even more frequently).  I’ve lived in 38 homes in my life.  In my formative years of elementary school, I was enrolled in 6 different classes of children in 4 schools.   As a dear friend later said, “You must have gone through friends like kleenex!’

“I’ve Done the Hard Work – to Finding the Easy Way”

My career paths were very similarly diverse until I landed in my eclectic blend of favorites – the most effective.  I’ve looked for what has made change easier for me.  And I’ve  “followed my nose” through my emerging passions …ever fascinated by and appreciating the things that others don’t seem to see.. the unnoticed… things “hiding in plain sight…” that by seeing them offer breakthroughs that can make quicker changes into new possibilities of happier, healthier experiences.

  • Healthier bodies, minds, emotions, spirits,
  • Healthier small, local businesses, groups and departments,
  • Healthier economic communities in healthier ecosystems.

And I’ve landed in “The City Different”

So it comes as no real surprise that I’ve found a soul home now in “The City Different”  – Santa Fe, New Mexico – where I’ve lived for 35 years.  This community abounds with creative, eclectic people with multiple interests and expertises.  I love the spirit of magic of  this  place – with this eclectic, transitional community and ecosystem.

Are you someone  who loves to collaborate and “make it happen”?  If you’d like help with finding simpler solutions to complex problems,  I’d love to work with you, your business, your group to envision a vibrant, healthy future.

Contact me for an appointment, or for more information.