Colleagues to consider…

I am happy to network you to the possibility of your  very own “virtual healing center” in Santa Fe and surrounds.  Below are health care practitioners you may want to consider.  I have personally experienced most of their work.  Ones I haven’t, I have noted.

* means this (kind of) practitioner is most-often requested / recommended.

*Colonics / Colon Hydrotherapists:

*Dona Wilder – (505) 699-9443  LMT, CH  Chrysalis Connection

*Sorrell Page – (505) 988-3076  LMT, CH

*Martha Flannery –   (505) 983-8722  CH, DOM, ND

*Yadi Flannery – (505) 577-5247, CH, Body-Centered Emotional Work

*Gillian Mickelson at 360 Medicine – (505) 795-7111

*Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage specialists:

*Marty Noss Wilder (also Cranial Sacral, Oncology Massage, Sound Healing, Polarity Therapy & Integrative Massage, etc.)  RPP, LMT –  (505) 920-3037

*Thermography – 360 Medicine – Dr. Russ Canfield

Rolfer:  Don Wolvington – 505.438.6008

Remedies Skin Care Clinic – Cherie Haymes, Esthetician –  505.983.2228

Dynamically Enchanting Spaces – Deirdre James – “Space Clear your Home or Business” –

Erica Elliott, MD – 505.471.8531

Linda Burnham, Naturopathic Doctor & Burnham Systems  (505) 690-9460,

Physiotherapy New Mexico – Providing Treatment for Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – Lauren Rose MPT

I have not yet experienced their work:

Nutritionist/ Intuitive / Massage Therapist:  Allison Lasky

Light Vessel / Life Vessel – They have many machines, including the Life Vessel.  Several of my clients utilize their services along with our work together.

There are many more that I have not yet added.  Ask me! 

I love to network you to great, local practitioners and resources.